Kaleidoscope V – HANDS International Drumming Festival 2018: Unbeatable

Synopsis It is a fact, that life in all its glory can unexpectedly come down hard on anyone. In order to keep facing life’s challenges, we need to be ready with a mighty spirit. One that helps us get up and move forward when we fall. This is the essence behind Kaleidoscope 5, a spirit […]

Kaleidoscope IV – HANDS International Drumming Festival 2014: Drumming Nation

Synopsis ‘Drumming Nation’ is the 4th installation to HANDS Percussion’s International Drumming Festival, Kaleidoscope. After 3 successful runs, it is clear that drumming and percussion is enjoyed by all kinds of people. It has the potential to unite a community through the enjoyment of creative music. Malaysia is rich in diversity of people, cultures and […]

Kaleidoscope III – HANDS Drumming Festival: Rhythm of the Heart

Synopsis Once we were very familiar with melodyOnce we struck chords and rhythms naturally But since birth we no longer recallOur mother’s heartbeat that made us happyWhen two hearts beat simultaneously Melody, rhythm, and tempo – from the beginning – were of the heartAnytime and anywhere always there our beating heartBut when the head dominates […]

Kaleidoscope II – HANDS International Drumming Festival

Synopsis The second HANDS International Drumming Festival, KALEIDOSCOPE II will be held in March this year. The festival this time is held in conjunction with a year long celebration, to mark HANDS 15th Anniversary this year. Besides performances by Hands 1 and Hands 2, several local drumming groups have been invited to participate such as […]

Kaleidoscope – HANDS Drumming Festival, Jom Jom Drums!

Synopsis This year HANDS adds a little more scope to their annual student concert series, ‘Drum Slices’. Kaleidoscope is intended as a learning festival for drummers, percussionist or for any music enthusiast for that matter. It opens with a drumming competition for primary school kids and a series of workshops by HANDS, Hands Gamelan Group, […]