Kaleidoscope III – HANDS Drumming Festival: Rhythm of the Heart


Once we were very familiar with melody
Once we struck chords and rhythms naturally

But since birth we no longer recall
Our mother’s heartbeat that made us happy
When two hearts beat simultaneously

Melody, rhythm, and tempo – from the beginning – were of the heart
Anytime and anywhere always there our beating heart
But when the head dominates then dies the percussive heart

In performances past, we played our compositions for you
You did not get to play what beats inside you
Now we propose something new

Before we strike our percussive instruments in Drum Gala III – Rhythm of the Heart
We invite you to listen to that primeval rhythm and melody that beats in your heart

Thrilling and inspiring, or comforting and soothing,
Percussion reflects the music, the rhythm of our heart

Over two weekends, the Gala brings from near and far away
Musicians from Malaysia, Spain, the Nether lands, Vietnam and Norway

No matter where we go after the Drum Gala
We mustn’t forget that all start from the heart
No matter how distant the dream we pursue, how great we become
We mustn’t forget to listen to the beatings of the heart