Bernard Goh

Founder / Artistic Director

Bernard Goh is the founder and Artistic Director of HANDS Percussion. Bernard holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA). He was also a multiaward winning instructor of a school Brass Band for 6 years and it was there where it all began – his passion for percussion. Bernard then learnt shigu drumming from Mr. Tan Fui Choong, the founder of 24 Festive Drumming, a unique Malaysian drums performance evolved from the shigu. Currently, he is the Chairman of The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia’s (Hua Zong) 24 Festive Chinese Drums’ Development Department.

Bernard has performed, contributed and is actively involved in the local performing arts scene, both as a performer, music director as well as an artistic director, since 1998.

Under Bernard’s direction, HANDS Percussion is now internationally recognized and has since 2005 performed at various international art festivals and events in The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, France, Australia, Hawaii, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia.

Bernard won his first Boh Cameronian Awards in 2003 for Best Music & Sound Design for the Theatre category, together with Deborah Tee. In 2011 and 2012, he won the “Best Musical Direction” for Hands’ production of “Dreams in November” and “Knocking” at The 8th &9th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards respectively.

Artistic Director for HANDS’ Concert:
“When Percussion Meets” (2001);
“Ritual of Drums” (2002);
“Dialogue in Skin” (2004, 2006);
“Drum Slices” (2006);
“Drum Slices 2” (2007);
“Chaos in Unison” (2007, 2008);
“10: Entwined Calling” (2007);
“Drum Slices 3 – Rhythm Ride” (2008);
“Kaleidoscope – HANDS Drumming Festival” (2009);
“Dreams in November” (2009);
“RhapsoDrums” featuring HANDS 2 (2010);
“Ri Yue ChubYin” (2011);
“Knocking…” featuring HANDS 1 (2011);
“Kaleidoscope II – HANDS Drumming Festival” (2012);
“Souls in Love” (2012);
“The Next” (2012);
“HANDS 15th (2013);
“Lafaz Gema” featuring HANDS 2 (2013);
“The Next 2014” (2014).

Music Director for
“Dreams to Utopia” (1998);
“Ne Zha” children theatre by Five Arts Centre (1999);
“Lady White Snake”, by River Grass Dance Theatre (1999-2001);
“Rashomon” Theatre, by Actor studio (2003);
“Curfew!”, by Five Arts Centre (2002);
“Monkey Business”, by Rhythm in Bronze, Five Arts Centre and The Actors Studio (2005);
“The Chairs” and “Animal Farm”, by Pentas Project (2008, 2011);
“Rashomon” Theatre, by the Actors Studio (2013).

Composer for
“Green Snake”, by Nyoba Dance Theatre (2003)

Choreographer for
“Citrawarna – Colours of Malaysia” Opening Performance (2007-2009);
Chinese New Year Movie “Once Upon A Time” Drumming Performance (2012).

Director for
“80th KL (1999, 2004, 2009, 2014);
“Winter Solstice Festival” Opening Drumming Performance (2001); “Malaysian Cultural Night” Opening Drumming Performance (2007). Anniversary Carnival” (2012);
“HANDS Fundraising Concert – Summer in Francaise” / 85th / 90th / 95th Anniversary Celebration Concert”, by Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL (1999, 2004, 2009, 2014);
“Winter Solstice Festival” Opening Drumming Performance (2001); “Malaysian Cultural Night” Opening Drumming Performance (2007).