Kaleidoscope V – HANDS International Drumming Festival 2018: Unbeatable


It is a fact, that life in all its glory can unexpectedly come down hard on anyone. In order to keep facing life’s challenges, we need to be ready with a mighty spirit. One that helps us get up and move forward when we fall. This is the essence behind Kaleidoscope 5, a spirit that is UNBEATABLE. Successful people believe that failures are lessons. Lessons when adapted for different purposes combined with a spirit that is hopeful, determined and unrelenting can lead to success and feelings of joy and accomplishment. The K5 family is made up of such people. We strongly believe our work, music and art play an important rule in shaping ideas and influencing people. It’s hard-work but it’s what you do to put yourself out there and make a difference. This is the spirit we want to nurture for a stronger more united society.

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Award Nomination

16th BOH Cameronian Awards (2019)

  • Nominated for Best Original Composition, Jimmy Ch’ng for deConsTruction in Unbeatable – Kaleidoscope 5 International Drumming Festival
  • Nominated and awarded for Best Production Values, Hands Percussion for Unbeatable – Kaleidoscope 5 International Drumming Festival