Wind of Nomads


Since the beginning of time, humans have migrated, reimagining and rebuilding their lives throughout beauty, tolerance and innovation. Wind of Nomads is a metaphor reflecting human and cultural migration, the passage of energies throughout generations, globalization and integration. This work is inspired by the soul of two of the world’s great deserts in Africa and China.

This exciting and percussive new work is a multicultural and multi-artistic melting pot. The stage will vibrate with rhythm and movement, simulating a poetic earth quake. This multi-year project between Malaysia’s own internationally acclaimed HANDS Percussion and internationally acclaimed Burkina Faso-USA Dafra Drum is creating a condition for a travel in time and space with ancient Manding Empire (West Africa) rhythms on Djembés and Dun Dun bass drums as well as ancient Chinese drums and techniques. The coming together of these musical traditions gives birth to the sunrise. The seven strings of the Djeli ngoni and the twenty-one strings of the Kora followed by the complex language of the talking drum in synchronization with the Tabla and hang drum, balanced by the gong will bring peaceful harmonies. This unique collaboration is one of a kind where Malaysians of Chinese decent interweave their heritage with West African nomadic music.

Award Nomination

15th BOH Cameronian Awards (2018)

  • Nominated for Best Lighting Design (Lim Wei Siang) and Best Set Design (Lian Kian Lek) under the Dance category

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