OPIUM – Artistic Expressions by French and Malaysian Artists


OPIUM is a journey about perspective and taking risks. A risk is worth taking when the benefits could change your life. A risk is worth taking when you are driven by dreams, passion and courage. Reflective of a past that has tinges of dark but endearing memories is the soul behind OPIUM. Memories based on events perceived as risky by some and necessary by others. Perception is what shapes an individual’s journey. We face challenges daily. Challenges in the simplest or complicated of tasks. Some handle it easily others struggle. In the simplest ways you face it at every moment of your life. Memories and life can be shaped by seeing things simply, from an impassioned heart. Happy memories that you can choose to see and take away with you. It’s why we are collaborating with friends for OPIUM. Each one of us with unexpected views of each other’s lives. It is a reminder that an optimistic perspective of life is the key to living a full one. It’s how you stay happy.

HANDS Presents OPIUM-Artistic Expressions by French and Malaysian Artists

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