Percussion Paradise: HANDS 20th Anniversary


In what perfectly embodies HANDS PERCUSSION, Percussion Paradise represents what paradise is to the group. A celebration for its 20 years, it is a tribute to the group. Percussion is at the core of their lives and it is what they live and breathe. It drives them, it challenges them. It pushes them to limits and makes them stronger, better people. It is their paradise. After 20 years of performances, travel, teaching and corporate opportunities, the group, needless to say have experienced countless things.

A symbol of love, gratitude and joy, Percussion Paradise presents work composed and choreographed by members of HANDS, inspired by numerous percussionists, artists and audiences from all over the world. Their teachers will be joining them on stage to perform these pieces, a challenge the team willingly embraces. In a fitting tribute to the company and to the industry, Percussion Paradise celebrates the performing arts in an hour and a half long musical theme park of percussion delights.

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