RI YUE CHU YIN (The Birth of HANDS PERCUSSION Gamelan) – with special guests ‘The Eight Mallets Percussion’


Living in a country with such diverse traditional roots has inspired the HANDS PERCUSSION TEAM onto this exciting journey to celebrate the unity of Armour and Skin. As simple as it sounds, mastering percussive art-forms is a challenging conviction.

Ri Yue Chu Yin is put together by a passion for difference, with a blend of sounds patterns that the team has inhaled, sweated and wept since its birth.

Be it the gamelan or shigu, HANDS humbly invites you to share their world of rhythmic dreams. The sky’s the limit for these crazy drummers with creativity beginning at home! Ri Yue Chu Yin, a collaborative performance by HANDS PERCUSSION and The Eight Mallets (Beijing).


9th BOH Cameronian Awards (2012)

  • Nominated for Best Musical Direction – Susan Sarah John and Bernard Goh for Ri Yue Chu Yin, presented by Hands Percussion
  • Nominated and awarded Kakiseni Audience Choice Award for Music – Ri Yue Chu Yin, presented by Hands Percussion