Knocking – Experimental work from Hands 1


Knock! Knock! Knocking … !
The constant drumming, like the insistent
knocking on the door, is like a scene on the
dark silent stage
Can you hear it?
These heart-felt pleas from the 6 pioneers …

These 6 pieces will be like a galaxy of stars
unfolding like a dream before your eyes
Each of these pieces share their soul search-
ing journey of life. Their search continues on …
Loneliness … the search continues on …
Denial … the search continues on …
Reality … the search continues on …
Uncertainties … the search continues on …

Each piece is part of their soul.

When we were young, what made us sigh?
What drove us?
What made us refuse to conform?

What made us react?
Who and what gives us this perspective of life?
This is what we ask …
This is our conscience

And now let us listen to them …

Shadows of Gemini


9th BOH Cameronian Awards (2012)

  • Nominated and awarded Best Group Performance (Instrumental) – Hands Percussion for Shadows of Gemini in Knocking, musical direction by Cross Chin
  • Nominated and awarded Best Solo Performance (Instrumental) – Jimmy Ch’ng for Knocking, musical direction by Jimmy Ch’ng
  • Nominated and awarded Best Production Values – Knocking, musical direction by Bernard Goh
  • Nominated and awarded Best Original Composition – Jimmy Ch’ng & Jack Wan for Striking Gold, musical direction by Jimmy Ch’ng, in Knocking
  • Nominated for Best Original Composition – Cross Chin for Shadows of Gemini, musical direction by Cross Chin, in Knocking
  • Nominated and awarded Best Musical Direction – Bernard Goh for Knocking