Education & Outreach


Bernard Goh our Artistic Director kick-started his career at one of our top local Chinese schools i.e. Chong Hwa Independent High School in Kuala Lumpur coaching students in the 24-Festive Drum style. And now in what seems only natural, HANDS has coaches in over 10 schools both local and international, across KL, Selangor and in other states across Malaysia.

Drumming Camps

Annually a drumming camp is organized by HANDS where school kids are encouraged to attend a 5 day, 4 night, camp. Here children from various schools across the country come together and learn to work together as a team. Not as competitors from different schools. Kids are randomly put in groups and encouraged to work on drumming projects to be performed by the end of the camp.

Balik Kampung

This is one of HANDS’ pioneer education and community outreach projects. Moving out of the city centre the group teaches drumming/percussion at rural schools and communities. It is a way to share the joys of percussive music with folks further out of the city.

HANDS Gives Back

We are journeying on a project with a community in Heng Yang, Hunan, China to teach 7 to 9-year old children newer drumming techniques as a tool to move forward. It only makes sense to return to a place where the essence of all things HANDS began. We believe in remembering, appreciating and developing our roots and culture. We take what we have learnt from the many experiences we have had over the years and pass it on to young children in this little village. Local teachers are also trained so that they are able to teach consistently.