Music Production

Besides composing, arranging, directing and playing music for our own productions we also do it for fellow artists, performing arts groups and commercial organizations. Be it a play, dance, musical group or a corporate function we would be happy to discuss it with you! Some examples of the kind of projects we take on for music production are listed below.

  • Children’s Street Theatre by Five Arts Centre (1999)
  • Plays such as “Rashomon”, by The Actors Studio (2001-2003), Director Joe Hasham, Music Director Bernard Goh, Production Designer Paul Loosley
  • Contemporary Dance, “Curfew!”, by Five Arts Centre (2002), Choreographer Judimar Monfils, Music Director Bernard Goh
Curfew, 2002
  • Cultural Dance, “Citrawarna – Colours of Malaysia” Opening Performance (2007-2009) by the Ministry of Tourism, Choreographer Bernard Goh
  • Dance Drama, “A Streetcar Named Desire” by The Actors Studio (2014), Director Joe Hasham, Music Director/Composer Bernard Goh and Deborah Tee, Production Designer Paul Loosley
  • Dance, “Lady White Snake”, by RiverGrass Dance Theatre (1999-2001), Music Director Bernard Goh, Choreographer Mew Chang Tsing and Lee Swee Keong

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