Artist Exchange

Artist exchange is about the exchange of knowledge, skill and experience between HANDS and another performing arts group or individual artist even. We have sent team members to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, LA and Australia. The objective is to observe and learn what other established artists or groups do and to use and share that information when they are done. Vice versa, if you are interested in learning what and how we do what we do you are welcome to contact us and we can talk! Listed are some events or festivals our members have been to, for an exchange of artistry.

Cracking Bamboo Festival 2010 by Goethe Institute organized an International Percussion Festival for Western and Asian percussion music. Travelling from Vietnam to Bangkok to Indonesia, participants get to participate in workshops, compose new work and rehearse to perform at the said destinations.

Grand Performance Festival @ SuperEverything* 2016 had two senior members Jimmy Ch’ng and Ng Siu Yee travel to LA, California to jam live with The Light Surgeons (from the UK), a collaborative project commissioned by British Council Malaysia and supported by the Arts Council England.