Our Goals and Philosophy

We do what we love and the rest is easy

Our Goals

  • To push percussion boundaries by expanding and adapting playing techniques, as well as exploring new instruments and various rhythms, crossing different cultures and types of music.
  • To ensure that our knowledge and experience in this industry is accessible through classes, talks, workshops, camps & documentation.
  • To encourage acceptance of cross-cultural views through use of cross-cultural influences on music.
  • To empower children and young adults with confidence and social skills through the power of music.
  • To produce multi-disciplinary percussion productions while ensuring each discipline’s uniqueness is upheld.
  • To mentor senior members to be able to create, produce and manage entire productions independently.
  • To own and run a percussion progressive performing arts centre with a wide range of facilities for office and rehearsal space, workshops, performances, exhibitions, percussion classes, industry talks and industry conventions.

Our Philosophy

  • We do what we love and the rest is “easy”!
  • Life is best lived when you choose to take away something positive out of anything and everything that happens in your life.
  • Be in tune with your life vision and desires, and take action.
  • Create a community that respects you and your work.
  • Be self-reliant and inclusive.
  • Remember who you are, your loved ones and where you came from.