Milestones and Achievements


Meticulous Work and Rehearsal Processes

After 20 years, work and rehearsal processes are down to a system that works for us. Once there is a production to work towards each member will have their responsibilities. These have to be balanced, for part-time members with work or school and for full-time members with coaching. To ensure that all processes coordinate efficiently, it requires discipline, commitment and coordination.

Instruments, Costumes and Props

HANDS Europe Tour @ Roche-la-moliere

Rehearsal Studio/ Office

When we first started out, rehearsals were at schools where we were drum coaching. Or it would be at rented spaces with restrictions which didn’t work for us. In 2001 we sourced and moved to our current studio/ office space where rehearsals are carried out almost every day anytime, meetings or press interviews are held as well as workshops/ talks/ training. It is a space well used 7 days a week.

Full-time Performers

Eventually having full-time performers on board was a move forward. It meant there was a small group of people fully committed to composing, creating and imagining the best, the extraordinary, for our productions.

Drum Coaching

You could say HANDS beginnings were in a school, drum coaching. Therefore, it makes sense to have it as a major part of what we do almost daily. We like that we are doing something positive with children and providing them an opportunity to build on something positive in their lives.


Over the past 20 years we have produced over 30 in-house productions, performed at over 50 international events and over 1,000 local corporate shows. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Supportive Community/ Industry Friends

Along with our customers and fans we also have a little ‘performing arts-friends’ community. Friends whom we can talk to and share ideas with. Friend who will be honest and sometimes ‘painfully honest’ telling you if what you are doing is wrong or right. Making suggestions and giving criticism.