HANDS Fundraising Concert – Inspiring 1000

Synopsis Raising funds for 1,000 students to have the opportunity to attend the HANDS International Drumming Festival, Kaleidoscope IV in September 2016 the HANDS Percussion ensemble has organised ‘Inspiring 1000’, a fund-raising concert. The 90 minute programme will feature guest artists who will perform with HANDS in some of their classic pieces including ‘Drumbeat Inferno’, […]

Lafaz Gema – featuring HANDS 2

Synopsis Poetry immerses the heart of hearts, feeling of feelingsReflecting the world’s perspective of the poet.Poetry recites touching words,Among audiences, readers and reciters.Gentleness and firmness of the percussion, within the sound of music,Which drummers bring forth, through their insightful strokes.Its rhythm, its connotation, shake our soul,Among the audience, readers and reciters.Reciting the sonnet of drums,Combined […]

HANDS Fundraising Concert – Summer In Francaise

Synopsis A concert held to raise funds for a ‘Summer in France’ where HANDS was invited to perform at the International Folklore Festival in Martigues, a southern French commune. The first half of the concert showcases some of the pieces from their existing repertoire which HANDS will be performing at the festivals in France, and […]