HANDS 15th Anniversary Carnival

Synopsis 2012 marks HANDS 15th year in the performing arts industry and in celebrating this ‘15th Anniversary’ a series of events have taken place to celebrate this milestone. In February, world renowned dance troupe, ‘Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’ of Taiwan held concerts in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, ‘Kaleidoscope II – HANDS Drumming Festival’ was showcased […]


Synopsis HANDS is no stranger to musical collaborations, bizarre performances, unconventional styles and music. Despite this, there are instances when a performance is not quite what is hoped for. They continue to work to create the ultimate blend. Inspired by popular South East Asian traditional dances and music, THE NEXT showcases a fusion of movement […]

Souls in Love – HANDS 15th Anniversary

Synopsis If our souls can be weighed, how much is given to love?No one remains alone forever. We are bound by love.Love is familiar. It is a part of us as we live and breathe, at every waking moment.Yet, can any of us truly grasp its meaning? Is there even a meaning to love?Some say […]

Kaleidoscope II – HANDS International Drumming Festival

Synopsis The second HANDS International Drumming Festival, KALEIDOSCOPE II will be held in March this year. The festival this time is held in conjunction with a year long celebration, to mark HANDS 15th Anniversary this year. Besides performances by Hands 1 and Hands 2, several local drumming groups have been invited to participate such as […]