10:Entwined Calling – HANDS 10th Anniversary


10:Entwined Calling is the collaborative result of a shared inner calling among a group of artists to create expressions of freedom using different art forms. Each artist is unique but the common thread among them is a desire to express themselves without thought of consequences or ‘what would sell’. Consequences seem to control our lives. Time and again our heart’s desire is disregarded because of fear of rejection or purely for the need of survival. How do we let our hearts and minds be free? In a society that is evolving to become so unpredictable, we need to find a balance that fits. Between freedom of expression and the consequences of expressing that freedom the answer may be, to remain true to yourself. Celebrating Hands Percussion Team’s 10th Anniversary, Hands and their friends present a web of their innermost art forms, staying true to what they love most!