Tee Wee Lin

Trainee's Coach

Wee Lin started playing 24 Festive Drums when she was 14. She joined Hands Percussion as a trainee at the age of 18 and became a ‘HANDS 2’ member after 2 years. She joined the Education and Outreach Department in 2012, and has been a full-time performer with ‘HANDS 1’ since 2013.

As the Education and Outreach Department Assistant as well as a full-time percussionist in the group, Wee Lin is kept on her toes. Her positive demeanor helps in facing her greatest challenge in dealing with people daily. From arrangements for internal or external meetings, organising drumming camps, keeping up with administrative work for coaching records, organising public classes or workshops and proposing syllabi for different levels of drumming she is a very busy cheerful young lady. Her previous coaching stints as a 24 Festive Drums Troupe coach were at SJKC Yu Hua (Kajang), Tadika Pandan Indah (Kindergarten), SJKC Lick Hung (Subang Jaya), SJKC Kemaman (Terengganu) and at DPAC for kids drumming classes. Currently, she is coaching at SJKC Damansara (Petaling Jaya), Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam and possibly in the near future at SJKC Lai Meng (Bukit Jalil).

A graduate in Mass Communications (Public Relations) from TAR College, KL, Wee Lin’s thrives on continuously learning and gaining experience through the various productions and events HANDS takes on. Collaborations with artists from all over the world and event managing are also challenges she appreciates. With music as one of her main channels of communicating with her audience as a performer, Wee Lin has a string of instruments she has learnt to master besides the variety of drums already second nature to her. With the ABRSM Grade 5 certification for music theory already under her belt, she started learning the Gamelan in 2011 and she is currently trying hard not to tear her hair out, mastering the Dulcimer/Cimbalom which has hundreds of strings requiring high precision in every touch in order to get the perfect sound. Learning the dulcimer has improved her recognition of pitch, musical notes and percussion technique.

As her journey in HANDS continues, Wee Lin’s fondest memories are of the production ‘10: Entwined Calling’ in 2007 where the sense of togetherness and passion among team members and other artists was strong and highly energising.