Drum Slices 3 – Rhythm Ride

Synopsis The focus of this years concert is on rhythm. Rhythm is one of three basic elements of music, and the most important. It is combined with melody and harmony to create beautiful music. With two years experience, there is now more refinement and greater energy in the students creativity and performance. Rhythm Ride explores […]

Drum Slices 2

Synopsis Following last year’s overwhelming response to , the HANDS Percussion Team is once again putting on a not-to-be-missed show. This time around, there will be more spectacular pieces with collaboration among participating schools. Come see the sequence to the show that was nominated for four BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Best Group Performance (Instrumental), 2 Best […]

Drum Slices- HANDS Students Concert

Synopsis Hands students concert which involved 120 students performers from award winning drum troupes. On stage for the first time children aged 4 to 18 perform 8 pieces of choreographed Chinese drums and percussion music. Trained by core members of The Hands Percussion Team over the past 6 years. These children bring more then music […]