DeafBeat 10th Anniversary Concert: YMCA ‘Inner Voices’

Synopsis DeafBeat celebrates their 10 th Anniversary this 2017. They have taken their music and art to places like New Delhi, India for SAMBHAV 2011, at home for Kaleidoscope III, International Drumming Festival 2014 and to Warsaw, Poland for the 2016 Brave Festival. After 10 years in the performing arts industry the 8 deaf youths […]

Percussion Paradise: HANDS 20th Anniversary

Synopsis In what perfectly embodies HANDS PERCUSSION, Percussion Paradise represents what paradise is to the group. A celebration for its 20 years, it is a tribute to the group. Percussion is at the core of their lives and it is what they live and breathe. It drives them, it challenges them. It pushes them to […]

HANDS 15th Anniversary Carnival

Synopsis 2012 marks HANDS 15th year in the performing arts industry and in celebrating this ‘15th Anniversary’ a series of events have taken place to celebrate this milestone. In February, world renowned dance troupe, ‘Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’ of Taiwan held concerts in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, ‘Kaleidoscope II – HANDS Drumming Festival’ was showcased […]

Souls in Love – HANDS 15th Anniversary

Synopsis If our souls can be weighed, how much is given to love?No one remains alone forever. We are bound by love.Love is familiar. It is a part of us as we live and breathe, at every waking moment.Yet, can any of us truly grasp its meaning? Is there even a meaning to love?Some say […]

10:Entwined Calling – HANDS 10th Anniversary

Synopsis 10:Entwined Calling is the collaborative result of a shared inner calling among a group of artists to create expressions of freedom using different art forms. Each artist is unique but the common thread among them is a desire to express themselves without thought of consequences or ‘what would sell’. Consequences seem to control our […]