Kaleidoscope III – HANDS Drumming Festival: Rhythm of the Heart

Synopsis Once we were very familiar with melodyOnce we struck chords and rhythms naturally But since birth we no longer recallOur mother’s heartbeat that made us happyWhen two hearts beat simultaneously Melody, rhythm, and tempo – from the beginning – were of the heartAnytime and anywhere always there our beating heartBut when the head dominates […]

Tchaikovsky on Gamelan

Synopsis The gamelan was initially introduced to the HANDS PERCUSSION TEAM in mid-2007 as an addition to their repertoire of percussive mediums. The main purpose was to explore the gamelan’s creative and rhythmic artistry, inspiring HANDS to push musical boundaries not only rhythmically, but also melodically. Tchaikovsky on Gamelan is an epilogue to the contemporary […]

The NEXT 2014

Synopsis Having rocked the stage in November 2012 with their performance of THE NEXT, HANDS proved that they are on the right path of ‘Trending Percussive Music’ by winning awards for Best Original Composition, Best Musical Director, Best Solo Performance (Instrumental), Best Group Performance (Instrumental) and Best Production Values at the 10th BOH Cameronian Arts […]