Drum Slices 2

Synopsis Following last year’s overwhelming response to , the HANDS Percussion Team is once again putting on a not-to-be-missed show. This time around, there will be more spectacular pieces with collaboration among participating schools. Come see the sequence to the show that was nominated for four BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Best Group Performance (Instrumental), 2 Best […]

Chaos in Unison

Synopsis Drums! What does it mean to you? Drums could mean different things to different people – it could be a tool to let your frustrations out with, an instrument through which you express your emotions or it could be like a lover, something you cannot live without. The sound of drums brings about different […]

10:Entwined Calling – HANDS 10th Anniversary

Synopsis 10:Entwined Calling is the collaborative result of a shared inner calling among a group of artists to create expressions of freedom using different art forms. Each artist is unique but the common thread among them is a desire to express themselves without thought of consequences or ‘what would sell’. Consequences seem to control our […]