Around The World In 80 Minutes

In 80 Minutes, they present a great collection of songs from around the world by their very own powerhouse of musicians, music educators and multi-instrumentalists bonded by their inherent Malaysian heritage.

Ondo! Handpan Concert

About Ondo! Ondo! places the ethereal sounds of the handpan centre stage in this collaboration between percussionist Jian Hao and HANDS Percussion giving it an unexpected spin. With its naturally delicate and light soothing sounds it usually invokes melancholic sentiments, often related to meditation or a sense of calm. Ondo in Japanese means temperature, referring […]

Drumhouse: Honouring a Cultural Heritage

Drumhouse-Honouring a Cultural Heritage by HANDS Percussion Malaysia

As seen on: Sin Chew Metro China Press Asia Television News 就酱 Young 企业家媒体 The Entrepreneur (1) 企业家媒体 The Entrepreneur (2) 部落志 Blogzine Pin Prestige 8TV Living Delight CityPlus 大日子 Darizi TTN 谈谈网 CCN 精彩大马 Sin Chew Daily eNanyang China Press RTM Mandarin News Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 The Sun iPaper NST Online Majalah Remaja Drumhouse, […]

Upcoming Shows

Drumhouse-Honouring a Cultural Heritage by HANDS Percussion Malaysia

RhapsoD 30 Nov – 3 Dec 2023 @ KLPAC For the first time, our professional percussionists will be performing with students from the Little Yellow Flower Foundation, the Hands Percussion Academy (HPA) as well as with former students now professional performers, DeafBeat. Taught by our professionals this is a platform on which the 24 Festive […]

Kaleidoscope 6 – HANDS International Drumming Festival “Thunder”

Synopsis Thunder was named in early 2020 (pre-pandemic) to simply say “Let’s make some noise!”. Now finally in production for October 2022 it symbolizes so much more than a loud strong presence. Thunder now reflects a journey (for us and our guest artists) of commitment, grit and incredible team work. In a collection of mixed […]

Drumbeat Inferno 鼓焰 drummer lives on energy, an there is no energy quite like fire. The flames rise quickly, and the speed at which the inferno spreads is matched by the increasing intensity of the drummer’s music, passion and strength. For a few brief minutes, this fiery composition consumes the drummers in a frenzy of leaps and […]